In Memories of Allahyarhamah Aida Munirah Binti Azmi


"Life is like Burpees - everytime you get knocked down, you get back up again!"
Aida munirah
ACC Cancer Fighter


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This is Aida Munirah Azmi. She was 37 years old when she passed away 2 months ago. She was a mother of four and was a cancer warrior. She was first diagnosed with Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma, a rare form of salivary gland cancer back in 2010 when she was only 24 years old and after 10 years she had a relapse and passed away after a hard fought battle with the Big C for almost 3 years.

After her first battle in 2010, Aida lived a beautiful life with his loving husband Azmir Zed and was blessed with 4 beautiful kids, Aariq, Aayra, Aamil and Aatif. She was living healthy lifestyle taking parts in numerous runs around the world and even completed Gold Coast Marathon and the 55km TMBT (The Most Beautiful Thing) dubbed to be one of the toughest ultra-trail marathon in the region. She was definitely an inspiration to many out there as she continue to despite all odds by achieving many wonderful things as cancer fighter. She even co-founded Warriors Fitcamp with her husband Coach Azmir to advocate her friends and family to live a healthy lifestyle.

As her influence grew across social media and word of mouth, she was invited to share her journey and was featured  by numerous TV stations to share her stories so she could reach more people and inspire many more that are going through similar situation like her. This quickly escalated, as many event organizers also invited her to become speaker in their events. 

Unfortunately, after almost 10 years in remission, in December 2019 an annual checkup revealed that there were masses in her left lungs. On 10 February 2020, a biopsy confirmed her cancer relapse, the worst nightmare for any cancer fighters. She was devastated to learn about the prognosis, that even after almost 10 years, there were very little advancement and research done to cure Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma. She cannot help but to feel helpless. But instead of feeling down like the first time, she decided to face the cancer  this time with a bigger  mission to create more awareness on rare cancer and cancer research and that’s how the Burpees4Aida was born with a mission; To create awareness on rare cancer and raise fund for cancer research

As she went through the relapse with multiple visits to the hospital trying to find cure her cancer, she was introduced to Thermomix where she use it as a way to kept her distracted from the Big C and gave her the small wins in life. Despite her conditions, she did really well and became a manager and even won numbers of awards during her time and inspire many others around her along the way! Eventhough it was short stint due to her condition, she definitely left her mark among the community.

In February 2020, Aida decided to start doing 100 burpees a day for the whole month of February to raise awareness for rare cancers, in conjunction with Rare Disease Day on 29 February 2020. For those who don’t know what a burpee is, it is essentially lying on the floor then jumping back up again very quickly. Why burpees? She realized that burpees are a metaphor for life – when you get down, you get right back up; over and over again. It’s a tough exercise but you will always feel better afterwards. Why 100? It needs to be an eye-catching, impactful number yet is something achievable.

If burpees aren’t your thing, don’t worry, you can still show your support anyway by donating to the cause, by sponsoring a friend to complete the burpees, by sharing this page and Aida’s story, or by simply coming online and showing your support on the day.

Ultimately, it’s not about the burpees per se. This is not a race, but an act of solidarity and a display of support by the community to those cancer fighters like Aida, who is personally impacted by rare cancers. With your help and support, we can win this fight! Your support and generosity will mean that there will be more awareness in the fight against Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma and hopefully a cure, for those out there whose hope seems despair.

What is #Burpees4Aida?

#Burpees4Aida is a campaign initiated by Allahyarhamah Aida Munirah, a rare cancer fighter who recently passed away after battling a cancer relapse to raise awareness on rare cancer as well as to raise funds for cancer research. The first event goes back to in June 2020 in where over 100 participants took part doing 100 burpees together with late Aida virtually. 

Aida herself led the 100 Burpees event back in 2020 and manage to raise RM16,104.68 for Cancer Research Malaysia. 

Our target this year is to gather over 200 participants on the 6th August in conjuction with Aida’s birthday to complete 100  Burpees together during the event and raise up to RM100k for Cancer Research Malaysia! If you are new to Burpees, fret not, Coach Azmir Zed will guide you through your FIRST 100 BURPEES EVER!!


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